Product : Beo1

Produced from : 2000 - 2003
Designed by : David Lewis
Finish : Aluminium
Desirability : 2

Developed especially for the BeoCenter 1 and BeoVision 1, and beautiful to both hold and look at, the Beo1 remote control handset was recognisable by its aluminium tube-like appearance with relatively few buttons upon it.

Using the same digital code which had been developed on earlier remote controls, the Beo1 was a cut-down version of the standard Beo4 terminal which was being supplied with all other audio and video products. Unfortunately, in-use problems became apparent in use.  Whilst it was perefectly possible to use the remote control for day-to-day operations, complications arose when, say, using it for such use as pages on Teletext, or for summoning chapters and tracks on a DVD disc.

Many owners of both televisions decided to opt for the full functionality of Beo4 as for their purposes, Beo1 was just a little too simplistic and minimalist.

The aluminium ‘work of art’ was therefore withdrawn from sale during the two televisions’ latter days and replaced by the better-equipped Beo4 instead.

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