Beomaster 6000 (1981)

Product : Beomaster 6000

Produced from : 1981 - Feb 1987
Designed by : Jacob Jensen
Finish : Rosewood, Teak, White
Desirability : 4

Beomaster 6000, like its bigger brother the Beomaster 8000 was a revelation when it was first produced. Like all of the associated 6000 and 8000 components, each and every one stood out from the rest of both the Bang & Olufsen range at the time and with whatever other manufacturers - often with their standard black boxes with controls on their fronts - were producing at the time.

Slightly smaller and less powerful than the Beomaster 8000, the Beomaster 6000 was based upon the same design philosophy.  However, at 75W per channel this was quite sufficient for most customers’ use with the receiver delivering a high quality of sound linked with extreme ease of use though its top-panel display of volume and sound sources; and secondary controls - like tuning in, AFC, and programming - being discretely hidden out of sight under the large brushed aluminium top panel.

A simple form of Bang & Olufsen’s Datalink system was included which allowed for around-the-house music when used with other products, as the receiver was designed with the incorporation of sophisticated electronics and micro-processors.

The radio tuner was FM-only which covered the necessary 87,5 to 108 MHz range and with its AFC was able to lock on to distant stations to produce excellent quality stereo sound.

Beomaster 6000

Fitted with two 24-hour timers one could play or record any sound source easily and automatically. There was even in-built a Repeat function for day-to-day recordings (if your cassette tape was long enough!).  Relatively future-proof, Beomaster 6000 had connections enough for a turntable. two tape decks (fitted with either DIN or RCA phono plugs) as well as a graphic equaliser, a pair of headphones and two pairs of loudspeakers. When the Beogram CDX compact disc player was released a few years later, this could also be connected to the receiver with the minimum of fuss.

Like the previous Beomaster 6000 of the mid 1970s, this later reincarnation could be used with remote control too.  But with times moving on, ultrasonics were no longer in fashion.  This time around infra-red frequencies were used by the sleek-looking black terminal. Again, most functions - of a day-to-day nature - could be carried out using this small, battery-operated unit.

Beomaster 6000 outlasted its bigger bother, Beomaster 8000 by several years and was still being sold right up to 1987 as Bang & olufsen’s most defining and most powerful tuner-amplifier. It always looked good and even today turns heads when people see it.

The receiver could be coupled with any of the other products from the 6000- and 8000-ranges when it was known as the Beosystem 6000.

Beomaster 6000

BeoMaster 6000 types:

Market: Type: Intro. year: Last sold:
2251 1981 05-86
GB 2252 1981 05-87
US 2253 1981 02-87
J 2254 1981 12-82


Continuous power output per channel 75 W at 8 ohms
Total harmonic distortion < 0.08 %
IHF intermodulation < 0.05 %
Bass control at 40 Hz +/- 11 dB
Treble control at 12.500 Hz +/- 11 dB
Power supply 2251 220V
2252 240V
2253 120V
2254 100V
Power consumption 50 - 320 W
Dimensions W x H x D 52.5 x 15 x 38 cm
Weight 14 kg
RIAA amplifier Built-in


Speakers 2 sets
Phono DIN
Tape 1 DIN
Tape 2 Phono
Headphones Jack
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