Watts in a Naim?

Thursday, 8th December, 2011

With Bang & Olufsen furnishing cars such as Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi and Aston Martin with bespoke hi-end car audio systems then what, you might ask, are luxury car-makers fitting to their own over-the-top luxury carriages? The ten featured systems on NewzGlobe.com can be found in cars ranging from about $50,000 to around $500,000 giving the car’s owner an outstanding-audio-experience on wheels. The cars listed range from Audis to Mercedes-Benz; from Volvos to Ferraris, with the world’s more expensive car audio system stated as the Rogue Acoustics Audio System worth $330,000 + !

While Rolls-Royce and Bentley do not feature in the world’s most expensive cars according to SuperCars.org, both marques do however offer an aura of luxury, pedigree, panache, style and non-affordability only seen in road-cars of this calibre.

So, while Bang & Olufsen is popular with the marques already listed here, it seems that Naim is flavour of the month, certainly as far as Bentley is concerned with its Mulsanne saloon. Producing a top speed of around 300 km/h with its 6,7 litre engine, the Bentley offers owners 2000 watts of pure aural pleasure with its British-manufactured 20-speaker unit (priced at ‘just’ $7,415) that’s “simply the best… experienced in an automobile. It’s certainly the most powerful factory audio in history” says the Pittsburg Post-Gazette.

Naim that marque

Bentley announced its partnership with Naim in February 2008 and currently manufactures audio equipment for its Mulsanne, Bentley Brooklands, Continental GT, Continental GTC and Continental Flying Spur 2011/12 models.


And for the Rolls-Royce Phantom it is Lexicon which provides the 7.1 sound system: nine amplifiers, thirteen speakers and a pair of sub-woofers mounted in the floor form the 7.1 surround sound Lexicon audio system. With high-quality sources, such as audio-CD or DVD, the system sounds as good as you would expect in a soundproofed cabin, devoid of most extraneous noises.

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