Living Room Tour 2014

Monday, 22nd December, 2014

In 2013, the first instalment of Bang & Olufsen’s Living Room Tour featured an interview hosted by Zane Lowe and a live performance in London with Paul McCartney, which was launched via its Web site to music lovers all over the world.

Now the Living Room Tour is back on the road with a new and soulful session. Grammy Award-winning artist and producer Wyclef Jean hosted a musical journey with Carlos Santana and his beloved guitar, one of the most recognisable sounds in popular culture. The first instalment was held on 9 December 2014 - with more videos to come throughout December and January 2015.

Bang & Olufsen’s Living Room Tour offers music lovers and audio aficionados all over the world rare and intimate access to exceptional musical talent and reflections on natural sound from iconic names in the industry. The sessions include exclusive performances and behind-the-scenes footage made available across Bang & Olufsen’s blog as well as YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.

YouTube Preview Image

“We are truly excited about working with Carlos Santana on the latest edition of The Living Room Tour. It is a collaboration which connects music fans all over the world with spectacular artists who share our passion for great sound and unrivaled craftsmanship. The intimate sessions at the same time prove to be an enriching journey into new genres and musical heritages for Bang & Olufsen” stated Marie Schmidt, VP Brand, Design & Marketing at Bang & Olufsen.

“The Living Room Tour is all about sitting in with the artist, sharing stories and engaging in an informal ‘jam session’. Carlos Santana is a legend; he transcends musical genres – so watch out for this new episode of The Living Room Tour. It is going to be epic, it is going to be exciting!” said Jean.

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Danish TV series

Saturday, 20th December, 2014

Commencing yesterday evening is a new ten-part series about Bang & Olufsen’s history from TVMV Net-TV (in Danish)…

Danish TV Series

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Auf Wiedersehen 6000!

Friday, 19th December, 2014

After 16 years, Bang & Oufsen’s iconic BeoCom 6000 cordless phone will cease production

Launched in May 1998 the BeoCom 6000 was a front-runner in the DECT market at that time. A true Bang & Olufsen classic the BeoCom 6000 has remained pretty much the same as it was when it was first launched.

Designed by Henrik Sorig Thomsen, the innovative wheel control was a natural focal point of the phone’s design and it has been widely documented as the inspiration for Apple’s circular iPod navigational control. Apple wasn’t sure how it would design the iPod’s user interface, so the company turned to Bang & Olufsen’s BeoCom 6000 as its scroll wheel was ideal for what Apple was trying to achieve with its new iPod.

“I was a very young designer just out of design school and determined to develop the best. I wanted to make a product with a sympathetic natural appeal, strong functionally and great ergonomics that stood out. I was not alone – it was a really great team effort with the Bang & Olufsen engineers as important participants. Through this process we developed the navigation idea with the wheel,” states Henrik Sørig Thomsen, designer of the BeoCom 6000.

BeoCom 6000

More than 700,000 units have been sold of this handset and in teh first two years of its production, the BeoCom was manufactured in a multiple shift pattern in order to keep up with demand. The cessation of the BeoCom 6000 is also an end of the telephone era for Bang & Olufsen which began in the 1980s.

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‘Tis the Moment for CES 2015

Tuesday, 16th December, 2014

BeoSound Moment: Bang & Olufsen’s upcoming new audio system

From 6 - 9 January 2015 the world’s biggest consumer electronics show, CES 2015, begins once more in Las Vegas, USA. Both Bang & Olufsen, as well as their offshoot subsidiary ICEpower will be presenting their wares. In the case of ICEpower, products old & new will be on show at The Venetian, suite 29-324. Products on show range from 25W to 1100W amplifiers and everything in between, they say.

For Bang & Olufsen, the company’s new BeoVision Avant has been selected as a 2015 CES Innovation Awards Honoree in the High Performance Home Audio/Video product category.

As well as showing off the Avant UHD TV, Bang & Olufsen will be presenting their new BeoSound Moment.

CES 2015

The BeoSound Moment is a streaming device, similar to the BeoSound 5 and BeoSound Essence. It will be the major new product release during this financial year and will comprise a hand-held tablet device as well as its own docking station. Wood and aluminium will be used.  The product will be ’state of the art’ as far as streaming devices are concerned and will combine the following functions:

  • wireless streaming to the new wireless WiSA BeoLab speakers
  • Internet radio
  • MOTS
  • cable/wireless/Netlink
  • integration with Deezer

No release date has been given yet for the BeoSound Moment as software problems have beset the company thus-far delaying announcement of the new product.

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