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Sunday, 21st September, 2014

Adaptive Bass Linearisation (ABL) is an algorithmic process which enables the delivery of a powerful bass sound from relatively small speakers by harnessing surplus capacity in both the amplifier and driver units. The concept extends a speaker’s bass output far beyond what it would normally produce which is automatically adjusted for excessive peaks.

ABL constantly monitors and adapts low frequencies and helps deliver extreme bass without risking sub-woofer damage when playing at full volume.

Almost all loudspeakers made by Bang & Olufsen include ABL. This includes not only Bang & Olufsen’s active ’stand alone’ loudspeaker range but also iPod docks and televisions. The only exceptions at the moment are our passive loudspeakers, headphones and the BeoLab 5.


Among Bang & Olufsen speakers which incorporate ABL (too many to list here) include:

  • BeoLab 6000 / 6002
  • BeoLab 8000 / 8002
  • BeoLab 3
  • BeoLab 4 (shown below)
  • BeoLab 7.1
  • BeoLab 9
  • BeoLab 11
  • BeoLab 12-2
  • BeoLab 14
  • BeoLab 17
  • BeoLab 18
  • BeoLab 20
  • BeoPlay A8 / BeoSound 8
  • BeoPlay A9
  • BeoSound Century

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B&O Street Style

Wednesday, 17th September, 2014

Dapper Lou and B&O Play joins forces for a closer look at what it means to be a leader in the field of contemporary styling.

Definition: Dapper

a : neat and trim in appearance

b : very spruce and stylish

What defines as ‘taste’ and ’style’ is purely subjective, of course. After all, beauty is (always) in the eye of the beholder. But isn’t it good to dispose of the uniform that is all-so prevalent nowadays: that of so-called ’sports wear’ and don something a little more individualistic and original and smarter in appearance? After all, the price of a Real Madrid or Manchester Utd football shirt is often more expensive than some of the designer stuff out there, so it’s not seen as too expensive as to picking up something with a little more panache (and a little less run-of-the-mill).

Street style is defined asany offbeat or avant-garde fashion inspired by contemporary culture of urban street-people”.

Street Style

Highsnobiety meets up with Dapper Lou to learn more about what makes his (street) style “so compelling”:

“Clad in one of his signature outfits, Lou topped off his contemporary knack for styling with a pair of coveted headphones from B&O PLAY. With one focused on fashion and the other on audio, both take classic design elements and exploit their qualities through unique pairings in the modern world”.

It’s cool to look cool, as they say, and with the correct match of clothing and wearable tech, individuals can obtain those admiring glances from others wanting to emulate their on-street style.

Check out this season’s Form 2i Live for Now headphones, too!

Live for Now Form 2i Special Editions for 2014

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Two new Asus models

Saturday, 13th September, 2014

The new Zenboook UX303 Ultrabook range from Asus

The latest editions to the Asus Zenbook range: the UX303LA and UX303LN models, have just been announced by the company. Both sport the Intel Core i7 processor. The Zenbook UX303LN Ultrabook will complement the speedy processor alongside a NVIDIA GeForce GT 840M graphics processor in order to deliver smooth performance. Not only that, the UX303LN Zenbook will also feature a Quad HD+ IPS touchscreen display which has a resolution count of 3,200 x 1,800 pixels, making it 5 times higher compared to that of a standard HD display.

Both new models include Asus’ exclusive SonicMaster audio which incorporates Bang & Olufsen’s ICEpower technology.

Asus Zenbook

In the US the Asus Zenbook UX303LA will retail for $899 while the Asus Zenbook UX303LN is more expensive at $1,299. Both models will be available from September 2014.

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BMW 650i Gran Coupé B&O Edition

Tuesday, 9th September, 2014

It’s all in the grilles…

Now on sale, the Bang & Olufsen high-end Surround Sound system for the BMW 6 Series Gran Coupé continues the productive partnership between the two premium-sector manufacturers. BMW’s latest incarnation has produced a car that brings levels of sophistication and luxury which it is renowned for to a whole new car segment.

With 16 active loudspeakers powered by 1.200 watts of power, the Bang & Olufsen high-end Surround Sound system for the 6 Series Gran Coupé has all the power it needs to deliver rich, convincing sound. Each of the seven tweeters is paired with a mid-range loudspeaker to deliver an homogeneous sound experience, while the two potent sub-woofers located under the front seats are mounted directly to the body of the car. This BMW-patented design eliminates vibration from the sub-woofers to produce an even cleaner sound.

The sound system also uses advanced technology to help the listener obtain the most from the generous power available. One such technology is Dynamic Sound Optimisation, which uses a microphone mounted in the cabin to automatically adjust the volume level depending on external noise generated by wind, rain, changing road surfaces, etc. Also featured in the sound system are two unique sound modes: Studio Mode produces a wonderfully vibrant sound stage, while the Expanded Mode widens the sound stage to give the impression of a much larger space.

Bang & Olufsen Edition

The sound system features a range of design features that discerning consumers have come to expect, such as the Floating Frame solid aluminium grilles. Special mountings separate grille from frame to create the illusion that the grille is floating in mid-air. What’s more, the open space between grille and frame is used to produce one of the more dramatic features of the design: when the system is activated, small LED lights hidden inside the frames illuminate to highlight the loudspeakers.

Also, when the system is activated a loudspeaker grille in the centre of the dashboard silently lifts to reveal the large acoustic lens, while the concealed LED lights switch on.

A Bang & Olufsen patented technology, Acoustic Lens Technology distributes sound horizontally with 180º of dispersion to give the best possible acoustic experience from anywhere in front of the speaker. Below the grille, an additional mid-range loudspeaker delivers perfectly balanced sound throughout the cabin.

The unique design characteristics of the sound system don’t end there. The solid aluminium grilles positioned around the interior of the 6 Series Gran Coupe feature ‘Perl Glanz’ (Pearl Gloss) colour and large-diameter, machine-drilled holes that appear to be perfectly aligned from any angle. As well as maximising airflow through the grilles, the large holes and overall grille appearance match the edgy, clean lines of the 6 Series Gran Coupé interior. The new model also features a curved parcel shelf loudspeaker grille – a first for Bang & Olufsen. And as with the Coupé, most of the grilles feature the same laser-engraved Bang & Olufsen name for a further touch of refinement.

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