Play it again, T3!

Friday, 1st May, 2015

B&O Play features in the T3 magazine’s ‘Top 100 Products of 2015′.

Play it again, T3!

Specifically talking about the entire BeoPlay range, the magazine focuses upon the BeoPlay A2 loudspeaker as well as the new Beolit 15 representing the company’s top products (so far) this year:

Whilst Bang & Olufsen continue to develop high-end audio kit for the home (see the luscious BeoSound Moment, for example) it’s the BeoPlay (or B&O Play, if you like) range that has really seen the company soar in the last year. The BeoPlay A2 Bluetooth speaker – being a slickly designed, portable yet powerful device – has become the company’s fastest-ever selling product. Its range of high-quality headphones, including the noise-cancelling wireless H8s, also impress, as does the brand new Beolit 15. B&O is at the forefront of designer tech.

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Tillykke med Fødselsdagen, Jacob!

Wednesday, 29th April, 2015

Happy Birthday Jacob Jensen 89 years old today!

Born on 29 April 1926 in Vesterbro, Copenhagen, Jacob Jensen became one of Denmark’s leading designers. Starting his professional career for Bernadotte and Bjørn, the first industrial design drawing office in Denmark (1954–1959), his professional relationship with Bang & Olufsen began a few years’ later in 1965 and continued right up to 1991 where he functioned as designer and strategy advisor. Jensen is credited with developing the B&O form language which is still used today, with many of his designs finding homes in permanent design collections in museums across the world including New York’s MoMA.

Tillykke med Fødselsdagen, Jacob!

Jacob Jensen

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90+1 Shades of B&O

Saturday, 25th April, 2015

‘Love Affair Collection’ by Bang & Olufsen now includes the BeoLab 5

Further to Bang & Olufsen’s release of six products in their ‘Love Affair Collection‘, the top-of-the-range BeoLab 5 has now been included within this stylish face-change:

To commemorate the love affair Bang & Olufsen has had with its customers over the past 90 years, the company launched a selection of products in a rose golden nuance – The Love Affair Collection. Due to high demand from customers, Bang & Olufsen can announce it will add the BeoLab 5 speaker to this limited collection.

The BeoLab 5 speaker is an iconic piece of design and is a favourite with both new and existing customers that wish to appreciate design and technological brilliance. In the new on-trend Rose golden nuance, this speaker will be available with black or Forged Iron fabric colour to compliment the elegant colourway. Customers will also notice the 90th anniversary is celebrated with an exclusive engraving akin to the other products in this collection.

Given that the company’s aluminium production is with its own in-house factory, it is able to quickly respond to market demands and grant customer wishes. With vocal brand aficionados and a strong customer base, it is no wonder that customers speak out when they desire a certain product, and the company is more than happy to listen and indeed respond. With 90 years under its belt, Bang & Olufsen’s core competencies around aluminium craft are second to none, which gives the company the chance to go above and beyond to meet customer requests.

Rose gold, which is experiencing a renaissance in the jewellery industry, has an underlying meaning. While white gold represents friendship and yellow gold means fidelity, rose gold represents love and is therefore the ultimate inspiration for this collection.

The Love Affair Collection, until now, consisted of the following six products; the majestic and recently launched BeoVision Avant 85, and then the all-in one entertainment solution BeoVision 11-46 and BeoRemote One. Also included in the range is the extremely popular magic-touch BeoPlay A9 music system and the elegant, lightweight BeoPlay H6 headphones. The sixth product in the collection is the classic, slender and straight-lined BeoLab 18 with a new walnut lamella front and a cabinet in a stunningly elegant Rose golden version. With the BeoLab 5 now added to this list, the company is able to showcase its star line-up in an exuberant and elegant tone.

BeoLab 5 in Rose Gold

Press Release: 22 April 2015, Copenhagen

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Flying the flag

Wednesday, 22nd April, 2015

Bang & Olufsen has always stood out as a company for its high-tech approach in ‘doing things differently’. The same can now be said of its new flagship store in Herning, Denmark, with this new building reflecting the company’s new store design concept.

Precision-perforated panels from RMIG have helped to create a unique, show-stopping facade for the store which stands out especially at night with a striking golden colour made possible with a combination of perforated TECU® Gold panels mounted on LED lights and large areas of glass.

When embarking on the project of creating a new flagship store, the primary objective was to ensure that the building’s exterior reflected the brand’s reputation for high-tech styling and was as arresting in design and appearance as the store’s interior.

Bang & Olufsen flagship store, Herning

The striking design was made possible by Arkitec, which, through RMIG’s City Emotion programme, chose perforated TECU® Gold panels for the building’s facade to cover approximately 350 m². Using RMIG ImagePerf, each bespoke panel has its own specially-designed perforation pattern, which when assembled, runs across the whole envelope of the building creating an unusual and eye-catching design which resembles entangled snakes.

LED lights sit at the rear of the golden perforated facade which are programmed to fade in and out, creating a visual energy and a constantly-changing light, both day and night, in the city square where the building is situated.

The material selection and design of the whole building were a fusion of B&O new concepts for both its stores and product designs, as well as inspiration from the modernist style from the middle of the last century. The hallmark of minimalistic Scandinavian design with a strong human component runs through all of the company’s projects, from its innovative audio and TV systems to the stores where the exclusive products are put on display.

The combination of RMIG’s precision perforated panels and the building’s beautifully rounded glass corners give it a unique charm with lightness and transparency. At the same time, it beckons customers and passers-by to step in and experience the top-quality sound, image and design that Bang & Olufsen is famous for.

The Bang & Olufsen store project was handled under RMIG’s dedicated architectural and construction sector support programme, City Emotion, which assists architects and contractors in realising their urban design concepts and converting them into real solutions for buildings.

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