New Fashion Colours

Monday, 24th November, 2014

‘Tis the season to get colourful!

Reminiscent of the colour ranges of the 1990s, Bang & Olufsen has collaborated with fashion designer Stine Goya in order to create a new palette of hues for their BeoVision 11 television and BeoLab 17 & BeoLab 20 active loudspeakers.

Exchangeable, the new grilles can replace existing coloured frets to blend in with most domestic colour schemes, or can be used in addition to, in order to give a fresher, new look.

“My goal has been to get more heat into the existing Bang & Olufsen colour palette and thereby allow customers to put their personal stamp on the choice of colours in the home” said Stine Goya.

Stine Goya: fashion colours

The new Stine Goya palette range (shown above) includes: Forged Iron (grey), Driftwood (beige), Midnight Green and Rumba Red complementary to existing product colours of white and black.

Read more (in Danish)…

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New H2 Headphones

Thursday, 20th November, 2014

As we previously reported, Bang & Olufsen has just announced the release of their H2 headphones under the BeoPlay name.

Designed for the trendy (and probably tattooed) bright young thing about town, the new headphones comprise the following features:

  • a 40 mm custom Bang & Olufsen driver inside the headphones together with a bass port, designed to give a full and rich music performance. “It’s a headphone built for music lovers - with an uncompromising clarity that will reveal all the beautiful details your music has to offer”.
  • Durable composites make Beoplay H2 incredibly lightweight *,  and allows for the headphone to adapt to your head, for a perfect fit
  • Available in three “rugged textile” colours: Carbon Blue, Silver Cloud and Feldspar Green
  • Smooth, genuine lambskin covers the wearer’s ears to provide for a comfortable listening experience and to prevent sound leakage
  • Adaptive fit technology means BeoPlay H2 adapts to “fit any head perfectly within minutes. When you take it off, it returns to its normal size”, the company says.

BeoPlay H2 headphones

* Lost in translation / conversion

We at BeoPhile only hope that the (Imperial) weight of the new headphones aren’t as Bang & Olufsen state on their Web page this morning. If so, they are going to weigh mightily heavy on the user’s head!

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Media Watch 25

Wednesday, 19th November, 2014

The BeoPlay S8 gets a look-in in this month’s edition of Stuff magazine (November 2014 edition, page 40)…

Media Watch 25: BeoPlay S8

… as well as the BeoPlay A2 on page 18 of the December 2014 edition of the same magazine…

Stuff magazine is also offering a BeoPlay A8, BeoLit 12 and H6 headphones as first prize of their end-of-year competition (page 49, closing date 10 December 2014).

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BeoLit 15

Sunday, 16th November, 2014

Seen as a replacement for the BeoLit 12 of which many customers have complained about poor AirPlay connectivity together with wi-fi dropouts, the BeoLit 15 is rumoured to be available May 2015.

Available in three product-launch colours: champagne, blue and rosa, BeoLit 15 will come with Bluetooth 4.0 as incorporated within the recently-released BeoPlay A2.

With the USB connector and jack socket relegated to the rear of the unit, the BeoLit 15 looks cleaner than its predecessor.

Download the BeoLit 15 User Manual (pdf file).

BeoLit 15

More details to follow…

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